The Art Of Harold Shull


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"Just over the hill is a beautiful valley, but you have to climb the hill to see it."

Harold Shull

This website was created to act as a showcase for Harold Shull’s paintings and art. Some of the categories that are displayed here are: Customized Portraits, Pet Portraits, Landscape Paintings, Wildlife Paintings, Portraits of Celebrities, and Sports Paintings. The customized portraits are painted from photographs taken by the artist. Likewise, the pet portraits are painted from photographs taken by the artist. Some of the celebrity portraits such as Lawrence Taylor, W.C. Fields, Mickey Mantle and Cal Ripkin provide excellent examples of how Harold Shull can get the essence of his subjects into their portraits. When you observe the Portraits of Pets page, you will see that Shull is equally at home painting animals as he is people. Some of Shull’s paintings have been used in the Science Fiction and Western categories. To get in touch with this award winning artist for a commissioned painting, use the e-mail address on the Home page.